Bioinformatics and machine learning to study sarcomas | Machine learning in healthcare | Meta-research

Welcome to my personal website😀! On this website I want to share things I learned during my research and while building Evidencehunt.

Me, with SF and the Golden Gate Brige

I build this website using Hugo and the Hugo Bear Blog Theme. This site is hosted on Google Firebase. By now I’m pretty experienced working with the Vue framework and I looked for a CMS to connect to Vue, but I found Hugo was by far the easiest option to build a fast and basically free to host website!

My research interest is in understanding the tumor biology of sarcomas and other mesenchymal tumors. For this I use different sequencing techniques and computational biology (including machine learning), most recently I have been working with PacBio long read and 10x single cell RNA sequencing. Findings are validated on patient material (using different imaging techniques) or in in-vitro culture systems (such as a patient derived organoid system). Ultimately I hope that my findings will lead to new targeted therapies and biomarkers for sarcomas.

Next to my research I co-founded Evidencehunt, a platform that helps researchers and clinicians stay up-to-date on new publications. Evidencehunt runs serverless on the Google Cloud Platform and was written in NodeJS and Python.